55 Year Old Mum Dead After The Life Bolster Machine Force Was Cut Off

A lady kicked the bucket after her life bolster machine ran out had the force reduced up batteries ran out.

An investigation has heard that in spite of a few noisy cautions going off that were intended to caution staff about the falling flat power supply, Jacqueline Scott passed away after the ventilator that was holding her breathing close down.

The medical attendant on obligation did not perceive the sound in light of the fact that no ventilator had ever came up short on force some time recently.

The 55-year-old lady passed on later that day on the Richmond Ward at St George's Hospital , in Richmond, south west London, last March.

A jury investigation at the Royal Courts of Justice heard Mrs Scott was on a ventilator connected to a divider attachment.

Be that as it may, the circuit giving force had blown, abandoning it running on batteries - which in the long run ran out, with a few alerts ringing out before the force cut out.


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