President Obama's $1.5m 'Beast' Breaks Down And Is Towed Away

The Obama limo was towed in Israel, leading many on Twitter to make fun of the president using the hash tag #ObamaLimoNames.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Presidential limo, nicknamed “The Beast” for its 8 mpg fuel efficiency, broke down after it was filled with gasoline instead of diesel.

Obama’s limo was towed, but fortunately the President brought several backup limos along with mechanics, so the beast was in good hands.

Before President Barack Obama’s limo was towed, the Prez was seen roaming around town in The Beast with license plates that read “Taxation Without Representation” on the back.

Although fiscal conservatives may think such a vanity plate appropriately reflects the president’s spending mindset, especially after the sequester disaster, the personalized plates are meant to reflect the woes of Washington, D.C., residents.

Twitter is currently trending the hash tag #ObamaLimoNames. While you’d think The Beast and Taxation Without Representation would be enough fun already, some people have Obama’s limo in their cross hairs.

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