Woman, Cassandra Nelson, stabbed 54 times

SAGINAW, Michigan — A woman, Cassandra Nelson, was stabbed 54 times last February and her neighbor has been found guilty in connection with the crime, MLive.com is reporting.

According to MLive.com, 21-year-old Lashon Hollman faces a “mandatory term of life in prison.” He will be sentenced in May.

It took the jury 15 minutes to convict Hollman, according to the report.

27-year-old Cassandra Nelson, from Michigan, was stabbed by Hollman before he dropped a television on her head and left her to “drown in her [own] blood,” according to the report.

Police found her body two days later when friends called authorities after becoming concerned that they hadn’t heard from her.

The woman who was then stabbed 54 times did not die from her wounds. According to an autopsy, the television dropped on her head is what killed her.

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