Man Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back To Life By A Mechanical CPR Machine

A man who was dead for 40 minutes after suffering a heart attack is brought back to life thanks to a new technology being used in a Melbourne, Australia hospital. When 39-year-old Colin Fiedler died in cardiac arrest, two new procedures allowed doctors to diagnose the source of the heart failure, treat it and revive him without Fiedler suffering any long-term disability that would be expected after being dead for 40 minutes, according to Fox News on May 13, 2013.

It seemed that everything lined up just right for Fiedler, who would have been dead and buried today if this new technique wasn't available and if the ambulance had delivered him to the other near-by hospital to his home. The ambulance driver gave Fiedler a choice of the two hospitals when they picked him up and he was still conscious.

He was given the choice of Alfred Hospital or another one and he later tells the media something made him say “Alfred.” Luckily for him he made the right decision because Alfred Hospital is the only one in Australia today that offers the life saving procedure. Fiedler is one of three cardiac arrest patients to be brought back to life after being dead from 40 to 60 minutes and not suffer any disabilities due to lack of of oxygen to the brain.

The two pieces of technology that the Alfred is testing is what was used to bring Fielder back from the dead. They used a mechanical CPR machine, which performs constant chest compressions, along with a portable heart-lung machine, which keeps oxygen and blood flowing to the patient's brain and vital organs.

While the machines are pumping the blood and oxygen, doctors have the time to find the origin of the heart attack, treat it and then bring the patient back to life! The machines actually do the work to make sure the brain isn't deprived of oxygen while the treatment of the heart attack is underway. This guards against disabilities that might occur if the brain doesn't get enough oxygen. It looks like coming back from the dead isn't just for zombies anymore.


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