Mum Uncovers Horrendous Scars From Malice Ex Pouring Full Pot Of Hot Water Over Her

These are the terrible smolders dispensed by a hooligan who poured bubbling water over a mother-of-two in one of the most exceedingly bad aggressive behavior at home cases ever seen by police.

Underhanded Jason McLean broke into Suzanne Thomas' home the day after she dumped him and left her dreading for her life.

He undermined her with a blade , kicked her to the floor and stamped on her head and afterward purged a full pot over her.

As Suzanne lay shouting in anguish McLean went to heat up the water a second time - yet was just kept from tipping that over her when he heard police sirens.

Suzanne, 33, endured 27 for each penny blazes everywhere on her stomach, legs and private range and singing denote all down her arms where she attempted to keep down the water.

McLean, 36, went on the run yet sneaked into Suzanne's healing facility room and chilling advised her: "You haven't seen anything yet - in the event that you think this is awful see what comes next."

He was captured before he could complete his dangers and is presently serving a 14 year prison sentence.

Suzanne, a full-time mum to two young ladies, is as yet getting treatment for an exhaustive cross-examination smolders and has fearlessly discharged photographs of her wounds surprisingly.

She said: "It was completely the most exceedingly terrible torment I have ever been in.

"It felt like somebody was ripping sheets of skin off me - however gradually.

"He was in a complete anger - gazing straight through me. He was in an aggregate and visually impaired anger.

"At first I was irate, and afterward subsequent to seeing him grinning in court all I needed was to see him get a decent sentence - and I think he did.

"What Jason did to me that night has totally changed my life - I can't confront having a shower as an apprehension of water still frequents me.


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