Lady Addicted To Taking 84 Tablets A DAY Of Codeine Painkillers

A young lady turned out to be so dependent on codeine-based painkillers she was taking 84 tablets consistently.

Stacey Dutton, 24, chose to stand up to help any individual who might be enduring peacefully, the Irish Mirror reported .

Composing on Facebook page, Stacey, from Bray, Co Wicklow, said: "More than two years back, I broke my lower leg.

"I was advised to take a codeine-based tablet. Following three weeks of taking these, my lower leg recuperated yet I still kept taking the pills. I had gotten to be dependent on the codeine.

"It went from 12 a day however up to November a year ago, I was taking 84 a day. I had lost everything, an extraordinary occupation, my home, yet above all I lost my closest companion Chris."

Stacey in the long run figured out how to fall off the medication a month ago.

She clarified: "I fell off everything with the assistance of my family and a specialist. I went from 1030mg of codeine a day to only 120. 


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