Voyagers Ride Subway Half-Naked Without Any PANTS

The winter climate didn't stop suburbanites getting their pack off yesterday for the yearly No Pants Day metro ride. 

The day of unreasonableness was begun as a trick by improvisational bunch Improv Everywhere in 2001 and now 15 years on it has spread over the world. 

As temperatures in New York were around 10C on the day, men and ladies went in somewhat hotter temperatures than ordinary. 

The worldwide pattern has supported workers in capitals that incorporate Prague, Berlin and New York to go around their city for one day with exposed legs. 

The main prerequisites for investment as indicated by the Improv Everywhere site are to be: 

  • Willing to take your trousers (pants) off on the metro 

  • Ready to keep a straight face about it 

Guidelines on the site say: "Sit in the auto as you typically would. 

"Perused a magazine or whatever you would ordinarily do. Your group pioneer will have officially isolated you into littler gatherings, allocating your gathering a particular stop where you will depants." 

On the off chance that inquired as to why they uprooted their base half clothing, individuals were told to say that they're trousers were "getting uncomfortable." 

Individuals did not simply drop their slacks however - they likewise spruced up as distinctive characters. 

One man dressed as Darth Vader - however without his trousers - and another picked George Washington - yet once more, with his trousers. 

The fifteenth Annual No Pants Subway Ride started at 3pm nearby time and finished at Union Square Subway station. 

In the interim, London Underground travelers had an eyeful yesterday when kindred suburbanites got on board wearing no trousers.


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