Woman Lives In Trailer With Her 1,000 Cat Pets

A minding feline woman has surrendered her five room home to live in a trailer - so her 1,000 felines can live in her home. 
Lynea Lattanzio, 67, now lives in a trailer on her six section of land property and permits the felines to run uninhibitedly through the 4,200 square foot house. 
She began encouraging felines in 1992 and obtained 96 before the year's over - effectively rehoming every one of them. 
In 1993 she turned into a veterinary specialist to keep the creatures' medicinal expenses down and the quantity of felines kept on developing. 
Today she runs Cat House On The Kings which is California's biggest no-enclosure, no kill haven for wild and relinquished felines. 
Lynea said: "I'm at the highest priority on the rundown of whimsical feline women - I don't think there has been any individual who has lived with 28,000 felines in 24 years. That is likely a record. 
"In those days I was single, had no children and purchased this 4,200 square foot home and thought what am I considering. 
"I began taking in felines however it wasn't my expectation to have 1,000 or more felines - yet it's happened with extra special care. 
"I went from my five room home with a swimming pool, bar and a perspective of the waterway to a 1,600 square foot trailer with corroded metal.


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