Feline Smoldered By Abandoned Lover

An abandoned Frenchman was today starting a two year correctional facility sentence for smoldering his ex's feline alive and afterward tossing him out a seventh floor window.

Sebastian Lebras poured liquor all more than six-year-old Griffin and after that put a lighter underneath the panicked pet.

"He lit the lighter and the feline burst into flames,' his previous accomplice, named just as Nathalie, told a court in Nice, in the French Riviera.

She said she had not considered her ex-accomplice's risk important at to start with, including that he "just took a gander at me with a snarky grin" subsequent to setting the creature land.

The awfulness developed at Nathalie's level in Nice a week ago, after she instructed him to gather his sacks amid an inebriated column.


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