Kid Battling For Life After Drinking Scathing Pop Precious Stones From "Lemonade" Bottle

 A six-year-old kid is battling for his life in the wake of getting a "lemonade" bottle – and gulping scathing pop gems.

Valiant Sonny Arthur has burned through three days in concentrated consideration, and now must be nourished through a tube.

The episode has left his throat seriously scarred.

Mum Vikki Arthur had broken down acidic pop in a shining water jug to clean the shower at her home in Hatfield Peverel, Essex.

She told how Sonny got what he believed was a lemonade bottle, despite the fact that there was no fluid in it, and gulped the gems.

"We were eating and messing around. We heard this all-powerful shout and Sonny came running down from upstairs," she said.

We thought he had hit his face since his mouth was beginning to swell up.

"He went to drink some water and he took a gander at us, then he began spewing.

"It was the most terrible regurgitating I have ever seen. It will frequent me for whatever is left of my life."

She said she had been cleaning her shower with scathing pop and had blended it in a shining water bottle.

She discarded the arrangement however her child, Sonny, who is six, mixed up it for lemonade yet the remaining precious stones had wrecking impacts.

Vikki said: "I had been clearing the shower out with harsh pop and had blended it in a shimmering water bottl


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